spaetlese08Harvesting grapes at exactly the moment which is required for the optimal production of each future vintage allows me to do without implementing cellar techniques such as de-acidification or the enrichment of grape must. In this way all the natural ingredients, minerality and aromas will be perfectly preserved. Last but not least, I give the wines the time and peace they need to achieve complete inner harmony.

The focus is on the production of dry wines. They are exclusively produced from fully ripened and sound grapes and offer a great variety of beautiful fruit flavour and elegant minerality. The acidity is well integrated with the fruit making for a harmonious whole. It makes these wines the ideal companions of any sophisticated cuisine. However, I also harvest individually selected botrytised grapes to produce wines that range from medium dry and off-dry to dessert rieslings and noble rot. Wine connoisseurs are delighted by their versatility: they can be served as an aperitif or go well with aromatic dishes. Auslesen and higher categories will make excellent dessert wines.